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Two new tracks are here!

2015-04-23 23:34:15 by stab101


New audio's in the portal, go get em!

fuck goin on up in here?!

2015-04-16 13:13:44 by stab101

im back from the dead, making a name for myself on soundcloud and that facebook shit. Got an impressium going with some german dude too, so that's nice.

Content comin' your way E.T.A: Sometime this month, promise!


and nggangsterpimp? what i did to you was not right in 2013/14, i was angry over a shitty tv show tbh

wanna hit me up again fam?

we need 2 talk bizness


2014-05-08 05:54:56 by stab101

What a little dickens 2012 me was (again). First impressions are a hell of a thing, lol.

I'm back again, and I've got some new stuff for you guys too!

Uploading my best tracks tonight, keep an eye out :)


EDIT: Also, I'm really sick IRL with a cough from the depths of hell. Hopefully my feverish downfall isn't going to kill me in my sleep tonight!

The return.

2012-12-19 06:04:47 by stab101

Well, after many years of being busy as hell, I've decided that this place can still be useful to me. After looking back on my old posts, I've also decided that I could have been a borderline mental retard. Jesus christ, what was I thinking?!

Anyway, yeah. I'm back, and I'm gonna be releasing songs like clockwork, for my own enjoyment.

You don't have to like them, but frankly I don't give a fuck.


Sum Updates.

2009-09-06 05:48:23 by stab101

Ive been very occupied lately. And haven't had time to make a new post in 2 months. Neways, Heres a little something Im working on.

Crazy Techno [PREVIEW]

Check out my song!

2009-07-07 10:21:21 by stab101

its in the portal now. its ok for a beginner, so dont blame me if it sounds shitty :P

artz in teh portal!

2009-06-19 05:23:24 by stab101

Check it out, when its available


2009-06-13 21:39:43 by stab101

Heres a Sniper test.

So i got one of those iPod Touch's today, and its awesome!
the games are fucking the best ever and im still downloading apps to it


2009-06-13 21:33:26 by stab101

Heres a Sniper test.


GTA IV - The Ballad Of Gay Tony

2009-05-27 05:49:36 by stab101

the second gta 4 expansion in the series has a very odd title. if you think im joking around, you can go screw yourself. go to a game website and see if im still lying.

leave comments on what you think of it